Imperfect Solution


Imperfect Solution

Some nights it seems like the only solution
Freedom calls from the edge of a cliff
Salvation hides in a bottle of pills
A razor-sharp end to a terrible movie

But who said death brings an end to pain?
Maybe those demons travel to the other side
Shadows that follow right through to the sequel
May as well stay and see how this movie ends

© Red


5 Replies to “Imperfect Solution”

  1. There are all these connections running through this poem that are quite lovely. Like movie, sequel, and the movie’s end. Then there’s death, demons, shadows. And even solution, freedom, salvation.
    There’s part of me that thinks “Should you like a poem about suicide?” I don’t know. But I like this poem. Even the title “Imperfect Solution.”

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments as always Mandie. I’m glad you liked it. Don’t worry, it’s not so much about suicide…its more about not committing suicide 🙂

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