Four Year Plan


Four Year Plan

We’ll cleanse our streets of black and brown
Round up all the gays in town

Put our women in their places
Teach our kids by bruising faces

The broke, disabled, unattractive
Used as marks for shooting practice

Our uniforms will be compulsory
Available in grey or grey.

© Red


7 Replies to “Four Year Plan”

        1. I’ve read some of your rhyming poems and you do it well…when I use rhymes, it always sounds like a punchline to me. But I only started non-prose writing four days ago, so I’m still learning.

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          1. Thank you. It does take some practice and work for rhymed poetry to turn out well, but I think that’s true of any Poetry. I would never have guessed that you only recently started writing poetry! You write very well!

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