No Tomorrow


No Tomorrow




if I didn’t

wake up


© Red


13 Replies to “No Tomorrow”

        1. Thank you very much…I really appreciate that 🙂

          Did you know that the website link on your profile doesn’t work? Unless I’m doing something wrong…


          1. I recently reorganized my site making The Poet’s Garden my primary blog so that I could list the rating of my Gravatar as G. When I clicked on my Gravatar here on your site it opened up my profile and the The Poet’s Garden is the only blog listed.

            However when I clicked on my name while signed out of my wordpress account it took me to the WordPress sign in page. If you are using the WordPress app you may need to sign into your account directly onto the internet for the link to work.

            You can also click on the Followed Sites link at the top of the app and insert the URL in the window at the bottom of the page: which will activate the link to my primary blog inside the app.

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            1. I’m logged in but it tries to take me to your stats page, rather than your homepage. It could just be me but it looks like the link has a /stats/day part added to your link. Not sure if I just made sense or not there :/

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  1. I myself don’t have any friends that share my interests in poetry and other intellectual pursuits. Nor are there any Poetry support groups in my area; I’m hoping to build online friendships with other poets that I can communicate with. I live in Bremen Georgia United States.

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